Split Rail Winery

Split Rail wines were borne from the minds of a new generation of winemakers and drinkers. We are the stampede for local agriculture, the epitome of pleasure and the turning wheels of evolution. We strive to cultivate a vibrant wine culture in Idaho, and bring the farm to your fork (or wine goblet). Our goal is to keep Idaho's lips red and our hair and minds in temporary disarray.

Let Split Rail wines replace your afternoon tea or your morning coffee. Let them be your sustenance and your hydration. Let us replace your milk mustache with chin stains and a discolored tongue. Let us leave a mark.

The Wine Club Coalition

Why not become a consistent abettor of our vision? With a quick wiggle of your fingers over a keyboard you can become a member of the Split Rail Wine Club Coalition. Wine Coalition members support our vision for Idaho wine and the hereafter. They also support drinking for the better of mankind.

Because we are flexible at heart, and miniscuale in size, we have two membership types to choose from; Debutante and Dynasty. Wine coalition members receive special treatment, love and tenderness. This love includes discounts of 10% or 15% off purchases in the tasting room.  Wine club members will also receive invitations to our wine club releases held bi-annually in the Spring and Fall. Wine club members will also have access to small lot series wines that we bottle specifically for the club. If you believe, we will create.   

Coalition members that enlist in the Split Rail vision will automatically receive two shipments of wine each year. At the time that wine is released, your credit card will be charged for the cost of wine [and shipping if you are out-of-state]. We will notify you via email of the exact date that your credit card will be charged. We strongly encourage local buyers to can pick up their wine at the tasting room and avoid shipping fees. Wines are allotted in Spring and Fall each year and charges will occur as shipments are released. The wines you receive will include a smattering of wine in our current repetoire, always heavy on reds, and always with the option of going all-red. 

The Debutante Membership

The Debutante Membership includes:

  • A membership option for our adored confidants 
  • Two allotments per year with around six bottles in each allotment
  • Average cost is $130 per allotment [before tax & shipping]
  • Access to wine club only wines
  • Waived tasting fees for the member 
  • 10% discount on any additional purchases including growler fills

The Dynasty Membership

The Dynasty Membership includes:

  • A membership option for the kindred spirit 
  • 2 allotments per year with around twelve bottles in each allotment
  • Average cost per allotment is $260 [before tax  & shipping]
  • Access to wine club only wines
  • Waived tasting fees for the member and a guest
  • 15% discount on any additional purchases including growler fills

All coalition members are responsible for notifying us of any address changes before the wines are shipped. We will not be responsible for extra shipping charges caused by shipments sent to the wrong address. Split Rail Winery is not able to ship to all states – please contact us to determine if we are able to ship to your state.

Members who prefer to pick up their wines will be notified of their availability by email. If not picked up within one month, wine will no longer be held for the member. If you pick up your allotment after one month and new releases are sold out, you can choose from current release wines of equal or lesser value. Any wine that is returned as undeliverable and not claimed in 6 months will be forfeited. Please don't make us do this. How could one forget?

*If members don’t pickup their wines within the month of release, we reserve the right to pick a variety of wines for you.  Upon pickup you can change these out with whatever is still left in stock of equal value.

Cost estimates for each membership type are estimates and may vary somewhat by the allotments provided. Split Rail Winery will do their best to keep allotments costs within a reasonable range of the prices identified. Each allotment will include pricing discounted at 10%-15% from average retail costs. Shipping is not included in the prices shown. 

By enrolling, the member certifies that he/she is 21 years of age or older.