Split Rail Winery

Split Rail wines were borne from the minds of a new generation of winemakers and drinkers. We are the stampede for local agriculture, the epitome of pleasure and the turning wheels of evolution. We strive to cultivate a vibrant wine culture in Idaho, and bring the farm to your fork (or wine goblet). Our goal is to keep Idaho's lips red and our hair and minds in temporary disarray.

Let Split Rail wines replace your afternoon tea or your morning coffee. Let them be your sustenance and your hydration. Let us replace your milk mustache with chin stains and a discolored tongue. Let us leave a mark.

Our Story


Split Rail winery was propagated from the minds of a new generation of drinker/thinker. We create wine that is spawned from whimsy, driven by the soil that you stand upon, and conceptualized from the mindset that we all like what we like, not what we're told to like. 

It's our goal to not only create killer wine that spontaneously combusts your mind, but to also defeat the pompous mantra of wine. We want wine to be eye-opening, experimental, hip, approachable, and perhaps even otherworldly. Let us enlighten your palate.     

We focus on Rhone varietals and just a wee bit O' the unconventional. Our goal is to never make the same wine twice, while always making awesome wine. Why? Well, while consistency is comforting, its not that exciting. New different spins on key varietals and exploring different production techniques keeps us relevant. We believe in what we release, and we want your palate to be as intrigued as our minds. The world evolves - and we want to evolve with it.   

So let us bring the farm to your glass; bring the soil to your lips; bring something new to your senses. Drink Idaho and be proud! Raise your fist and pump it wildly as you swallow! Finish a few bottles and run with the wolves! Be Idaho-at-heart and not without soul.

So thats our basic story. Our premise, perhaps. If you happen to be intrigued, please click on to continue this majestic story.