Split Rail Winery

Split Rail wines were borne from the minds of a new generation of winemakers and drinkers. We are the stampede for local agriculture, the epitome of pleasure and the turning wheels of evolution. We strive to cultivate a vibrant wine culture in Idaho, and bring the farm to your fork (or wine goblet). Our goal is to keep Idaho's lips red and our hair and minds in temporary disarray.

Let Split Rail wines replace your afternoon tea or your morning coffee. Let them be your sustenance and your hydration. Let us replace your milk mustache with chin stains and a discolored tongue. Let us leave a mark.

Idaho-Made Wine in a Beer Can

                                   Half a bottle, consumed in half a minute. 

As part of our everlasting ambition to make wine more mobile, hip, packable, and every day drinkable, we are putting it into a beer can. Just for you, and your maybe your shirtless uncle Monty. You will now see Strange Folk Idaho made wine in a can, on our shelves at the winery even at your favorite restaurant or store.

Why Cans?

Because its awesome. Period. Exclamation point. Hyphen and hyperbole.  

As we form the new generation of drinkers, we want them to think beyond beer (although we love beer ourselves), we want wine to be cool, to be for every generation, every size and every shape. Its time to think outside the bottle. The future will come, my friends.  

Aluminum cans are infinitely more recyclable than glass. Finish quaffing your juice and toss it in your blue recycle bin outside next to the trash. No more piling bottles outside to have to haul down to the recycler on the weekend. Its light, crushable, eco-friendly and badass. What else could you ask for?

Like to do stuff? Hike, camp, backpack, river raft, golf, miniature golf, or ski. Envision a cooler full of wine cans tagging along. Chilling on ice or not, snuggling up next to your beers, embracing diversity. Wine in a can is epic for the outdoorsman, for the person seeking less weight, and more simplicity. Bring it with you on a picnic, to the Shakespeare fest, or hide it in your coat at a football game.  Either way, it will help you DO. 

Heard enough?

How Does it Taste?/How is it Different?

Well, it taste like wine out of a bottle. Heavenly. Like soft clouds and crisp rainbows. The cans are lined with a thin coating to minimize aluminum off-flavors. Wine comes in boxes and space bags, why not a can? This can is equal to half a bottle of wine, or about 2 normal glasses of wine. Crack and share, or crack and keep to your lonesome self.  

Wine in a can isn't meant to be aged, it's meant to be consumed. Buy it, chill it, drink the hell out of it. Go back for more. 

No more corked bottles, broken corks, or dripping foil. Just crack and chug. Or pour into a glass and share with your uncle. 

*Now Shipping Strange Folk wine in a can direct from our winery to your home!

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Wine Kegs and Growler Fills


Kegs - The What and Why?

Split Rail Winery offers local keg wine to the Idaho food and wine industry - all day long. Keg wine emerged from the brutally honest philosophy that wine should always be consumed and never wasted, local wine is damn nice these days, freshest is the bestest, and kegs are cool. Wine under pressure stays fresh until consumed. No more oxidized bottles on the counter with a cork half way pooched into the nozzle. What's cooler than a tap spilling the freshest red and white juice from its coffers? Nothing nancy, nothing. 


We currently offer eight different keg wines on tap at the winery that you can get fresh fills of. Come and refill your empty bottles or buy a flip top bottle direct from us that matches your wines character. Our keg wine fills range from $14-$19 for 750ml. This is the new/old world way of wine. Come and get a fresh fill of local wine to consume any day of the week. Call us for current wines on tap.  

Get Yourself a Keg

Wine on tap at your house? Make it a reality. Contact the Split Rail distribution team with questions on how to get some keg wine into your establishment.